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Stephen Fuerderer, Presenter

About the Presenter for AP® Physics
Stephen Fuerderer earned his teaching degree from the University of Alberta (Edmonton) in 1985 and he has been teaching senior physics in the Burnaby School District ever since. He has taught college-level introductory physics courses as part of the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement® Programs.
Stephen serves as an AP® Physics Workshop Consultant and has provided training and support for teachers across Canada. He is an AP Physics Exam Reader and has written test items for the Educational Testing Services ETS for inclusion on AP® Exams and SAT exams.
Stephen has reviewed several textbooks at the junior and senior science level in British Columbia and he brings a wealth of information and experiences to our AP® Summer Institute. Participants are sure to come away with ideas and resources that will increase learning in their classrooms.
Stephen and family reside in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
To Contact Presenter: sfuerderer@shaw.ca

During this AP Physics 1 APSI, you’ll explore the course framework, the exam, and the new AP resources that will help you plan and focus instruction—and give you feedback throughout the year on the areas where individual students need additional focus. You’ll also learn about completing the digital activation process at the start of the school year that will give you immediate access to the new resources and will help ensure that your students can register for AP Exams by the new fall deadlines. By attending this APSI, you’ll gain deeper insight into the following key takeaways, among several others: Understand the Course; Plan the Course; Teach the Course; Assess Student Progress; and Engage as a Member of the AP Community. In addition, specific attention will be paid to the following AP Classroom resources: unit guides, personal progress checks, AP teacher community, and the AP question bank.AP® Physics 1 Course Description

Stephen Fuerderer, Presenter
To familiarize participants with the syllabus and audit requirements for AP® Physics.
To assist teachers in establishing and growing their AP® Programs.
To expose participants to research based teaching methods and strategies that will increase student's learning.
To share lab activities and lessons that emphasize graphs and higher level thinking suitable for AP® Physics.

Participants are asked to bring the following:
    Laptop or iPad if available
•    USB flash-drive for file sharing or a Google Account for sharing via Google drive          
    A favorite demo/experiment/website or other resource for our sharing session
    School Calendar for course planning next school year
*      University Credit (if applicable). Please design a guided-inquiry lab for AP® Physics.             
       Also include the grading rubric that you would use to assess the lab work.

®College Board, AP, Advanced Placement Program and the acorn are registered trademarks of the College Board, Used with permission
Each day has a theme with theory & discussions in the morning followed by labs and related exam questions in the afternoon. However, we will be flexible and will adapt to suit the needs of our participants. 

Day 1 Morning Overview of AP® Physics Syllabus
Day 1 Afternoon Mechanics Labs

Day 2 Morning Exams and Exam Preparation
Day 2 Afternoon Electric Circuit Labs

Day 3 Morning Overview of Rotational Motion Unit
Day 3 Afternoon Sharing Session for favorite lessons, labs, demos, and resources.

Day 4 Morning Rotational Energy and Inertia Labs
Day 4 Afternoon Virtual labs, Video Analysis, Online resources

*AP® Physics 2 lab choices will include Optics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Quantum and RC Circuits.